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“Brady Spain [is] the young man at the center of this whirlwind of a novel . . . his guide is Lexy Burgess, a noir writer’s dreamboat, using her wiles to lure Brady into a web of murder, adultery, voyeurism, blackmail. That’s half the fun. The other is the author’s ramped-up style, which served him so well in his earlier and equally satisfying effort, Supposed to Die (2015). . . . this is a fine, wild ride”
~Booklist Reviews (11-15-16)

Library Journal Review (Dec 2016)
This title releases DEC 2016
“A fast-moving plot set in a Floridian Garden of Eden, Dutton’s second novel (after Supposed To Die) is an exposé of absolute power corrupting absolutely. Brady is an ordinary Joe caught up in the vicissitudes of unbridled dishonesty. James Hall fans will relish this title.”

Booklist Review 1/1/2015
This title publishes FEB 2015
“The ghosts of Hammett and Chandler haunt this impressive novel. Joe Tree isn’t a PI in the 1940s; he’s a modern-day Tampa chef who spent 12 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit . . . the writing and the characters are all the fun.”

Kirkus Review 12/1/2014
This title publishes FEB 2015
“. . . his storytelling has grit and the sleuthing trio has nice chemistry.”